Monday, December 16, 2013

Another Hannah Quote

These quotes are just too funny not to document. I sure wish I did this when Miles and Celene were little!!

Last night, just Hannah and I went to church. Shawn took the older ones in the morning. Eli is not feeling well so we kept him home.

On our way home from church:

Hannah: "Mom, I wish I had a bucket and a brush and green paint. I want to paint Daddy's car all over and let it dry."


This morning, Hannah and I are baking cookies while Miles and Celene are outside doing barn chores and playing in the snow. It's 3 degrees outside, so Hannah opted to stay in.

Shawn calls to say hello while on his morning break at work. Hannah's answers since my hands were full of cookie dough.

Hannah: "Hello?"
Shawn: "Hi!"
Hannah: "Oh, hi Daddy. We are making cookies."
Shawn: "Oh yeah? What kind of cookies? Chocolate chip or m&m?"
Hannah: "No Daddy, pistachio cookies."
Shawn: "Oooohhh. Is that right?" *laughs* "Is this Hannah or Celene?"




Hannah: "Mama, I'm a block of ice. I can't move. Can you bam me so I break?"

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