Monday, July 14, 2014

Quebec Trip :: Hannah's Birthday

It was a very happy day for our little Firecracker, who turned 4 on July 4th, 2014, this year!
Thank you so much to our dear friends who came to make her party special and gifted an amazing chocolate coconut raspberry cake, 
complete with homemade raspberry gummies and candles. :)

We also went swimming, (thank you Marie, for your help!!!,) and relaxed, playing Play Doh and reading stories, Hannah's favorite activities.

We had been grounded at the campground for several days without a vehicle, 
so her gifts came from the campstore, wrapped in newspaper.
But she loved them! :)

Our neighbor camper, Suzy, also brought over cookies with a sparkler stuck in one, 
singing to Hannah the morning of her big day. 
Such big-hearted people to make a little girl feel loved.

playing train

she was so excited Daddy was "home" she disregarded the downpour

celene made hannah a birthday banner with coloring pages on a clothesline - so sweet

gifts wrapped in newspaper...i don't think she even noticed

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