Friday, April 24, 2015

Catching up with Theo

He's pretty much the most important family member...
So he gets a post all his own.

big sister love

helping big sissy make a fleece knot blanket

i love helping mommy do housework!

falling asleep on my favorite person

in the play fort with big sissys

the most smiley baby EVER!

there's nothing quite like a baby sleeping on you...I don't want to forget these moments

I love being close to mommy!

Shawn's gonna kill me for this post - haha!

smiling at Hannah

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sleeping with Daddy

watching the kids play outside

outside while Daddy builds the teepee

Eli loves me too!

best smiles!

I love my big brother

just waking up

so sweet

favorite first food??? EGGS!!!!

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