Monday, November 9, 2015

Lately's Variety

this is a hairbow Celene made completely by herself and surprised me with it!

Isn't is amazing? For a 7 year old?

the weather has been unbelievable for November...we're loving it! getting as many picnics in as we can...

Miles and David displaying their hand-made target and all the pellet holes in it :)

you couldn't ask for a better NOV (!!!!) day to do your math outside!

I just think its so cute when babies sit in the gravel driveway and play

Shawn sent this to me when he was on his last work trip to Arkansas :)

and Shawn got me a machete for my birthday!!! so happy!!

Miles took a few shots of Theo playing with Poppy last week. So cute

Theo opening his birthday presents at Grandma's last weekend

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