Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Maywood Sappin' and Sawin'

Maywood Conservation Parks invites homeschoolers for various events throughout the year...
about 3-4 per per season.
This one focused on lumberjacking and maple syrup making, taught by a former lumberjack. 
It was fun and enlightening for all.

lumberjack presentation

presenting the saw

playing lumberjack games of lighting matches with a hatchet

Eli getting his turn at the saw

learning to use tools to move logs around

Miles was the 2018 frying pan throwing contest champion!

heading into the woods

presentation on the history of tapping trees

trying out the yoke for carrying buckets of sap

peeking into sap buckets

hand drilling tapping holes

learning about which trees to tap

trying out different kinds of syrup

Spring Waves

we had a few minutes to enjoy the waves pounding along the pier earlier this week

Sword Practice

These photos do terrible justice, but I always enjoy watching the kids rehearse their sword forms.
It's a rather delicate and precise dance of movements that is mesmerizing to see.

Miles First Symphony Experience

4th graders in Sheboygan County get the distinguished privilege to attend a 
Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra performance at the
Stephanie H Weill center in Sheboygan.
Very exciting!

We celebrated afterwards at Field to Fork

Ice Skating

The kids bug us at least once a winter to take them to Blueline!
Always lots of fun!