Monday, January 15, 2018

It's Snowing Today!!!

The snow is falling beautiful and thick today.
The kids are so happy.
There are so many things to do when it snows, don't you think?

Theo cooking on the backyard fire

curious about a noise

eating snow

still has those baby cheeks

stir it up!

Celene watching the snow

cooking with snow

boiling on the fire

what should I put in my soup?

catch snowflakes on your tongue

say good-bye to these sweet boys...they go to the butcher shop tomorrow!


Ronald licking my glove

snow for snowmobiling!!

happy boys

Miles hitting some jumps

examining snowflakes under a magnifying glass

snow happiness

Walk to the Lake

The warmest day last week we just heard the lake calling our names!!!
The light and color were just so pretty...the sights and sounds and scents of a mid-winter thaw.

The ice was about 2 feet thick, but there was several inches of water running on top due to the rain that morning.

a curious ice fishing hole to play with

the wonder in his eyes

Theo clung to Celene ;)

she scrounged up some snow for a mini snow man

mesmerized by an ice fisherman


impromptu arm wrestling at tae kwon do

Hannah and Eli coloring together :)

And After the Woods Walk... must take a stop at the park.

Miles helping Theo down the slippery hill