Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Church Picnic

Shawn playing cornhole with a baby in his arms, of course

tug of war...how many women can we squeeze on the rope to try to win?????

hannah and winslow

theo and celene preparing apples for apple bobbing

little Zinnia smiling big

Daddy and Celene Date

A picnic supper, a visit to the beach, a walk down the pier to the lighthouse...
...these were Celene's Daddy date requests. 

Lake Michigan Beach with Grandma

I think the September weather has been warmer than the August weather.
We are enjoying some extra beach time before the winter sets in.

Sand angel :)

Apple Day

The kids and I spent a morning putting up applesauce and making apple pies.

preparing pie crusts

Setting up the apple peeler

taking turns peeling apples

Eli wants a turn too

Miles processing apple sauce

stirring the cooking apples

all that work tuckered Theo right out

Around Home This Past Week

Miles was impressed by Celene's tower and took photos
Miles' little brother selfie

All the brothers selfie :)

Miles thought it was funny to see Daddy tilling with his feet up

Daddy caught Miles' silly antics at Walmsrt

Playing welding in Daddy's garage

Hannah's fat bunny lounging in the driveway

Hannah's first embroidery project turned out cute!

Chilling out together

Hannah looks so cute in her little hat

Miles likes to read the newspapers

Hannah about to sketch with her new set of gel pens

Hannah thinks it's perfectly acceptable to go toad hunting in fancy high heeled princess shoes


Eli doing target practice with his new dart gun