Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Visit from Friends

We enjoyed spending a week with our Quebec friends!

These Lovely Summer Evenings

Joa Picnic

The kids enjoyed a fun afternoon with their friends at Shawn's work yearly picnic.

face/body painting


kids show

mini golf

ice cream

Around Home Last 2 Weeks

Some variety around home lately....

A huge yellow swallow tail Celene spent all afternoon trying to catch

Eli proud of his super sized trailer :)

Eli figured out how to use the mixer

Theo proud of his MESS

my little painter

Eli sporting a native inspired headband made by Celene

The next few shots show the kids enjoying a 2nd degree black belt testing for one of their teachers. 

Hannah's high front kick

Miles doing a high round house kick

Celene is always so careful and perfect with her kicks

Their teacher Jeanette attempting to break 2 bricks with her hand

all busy making a huge train track

Hannah loves to catch and release all manner of caterpillars

Theo crashed on the dining room floor

celenes caterpillar and cocoon creation

great adventure when Shawn trapped 2 raccoons who have been stealing our sweet corn

Beach Time

The beach is a great place to spend time with friends at the beach!
Here we are at Lake Michigan two separate times with friends.

Celene and Hannah with Abby and Anna

Miles and Tolis carrying a heavy bucket of water


Burying Cole in the sand

Eli and Theo warming up in the hot sand

A Trip for Mama and Daddy

Yes, Shawn and I got to take a 2 day vacation...just the two of us!
It was very nice. We enjoyed the time together and the quietness.
We were especially grateful that the kids were so happy and content to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa.

Sturgeon Bay, WI

our room in the Inn

ship being repaired in the shipyards


view from our room

wooden boat festival

stormy morning

lighthouse tour

up the lighthouse steps

cool stairs

a good reminder in a restaurant

And the kids had so much fun at Grandma and Grandpa's house!!
They sent us a few photos while we were gone.