Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Just a Few Recent Phone Pics

I've been working for four years to keep orioles here in the spring...finally they decided to stay!

Girls practicing their hairstyles and tiaras for the wedding :)

"the whole world is a canvas Mom! Even my tummy!"

those curls

celene made a headband for theo :)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Miles Bow Shot Video

My first attempt at video....hope it works!!!

Tae Kwon Do

Just a few shots from last week's event...
Most the day's activities I got on video, which for some reason, I can't share on this blog.

Anyways, it was super big event celebrating the school's owner testing for his own 5th degree black belt.

There were kids programs, weapons shows, free lunch, and lots of fun stuff!

Sully joined us for the day! :)

They invited the little siblings and parents to join in...there's Hannah trying the splits in her tutu. ;)

Trees and Tractors and Babies and Sheep

David helping dig holes for planting trees

I just LOVE this picture.

Miles' cat, Jackie, lit up by the evening sun.

Sky in his eyes

Tractor ride

Climbing the tree stand

Eli wants to go up too

New Peeps

Baby turkey poults arrived!
The kids have been so anxious to have new fluffy balls of fuzz to hold.
This is actually Miles' first experience at learning the ways of business.
He ordered and bought the poults, bought their feed, and set up their pens.
He hopes to successfully raise them, butcher them, and sell them for profit.
Best wishes to my little man, growing up so fast!

Theo's first meeting with a baby chick

He wanted it very much!

Happy baby

Eli wanted a chick until it scratched him. :) Love those curls.

Lots of activity near turkey pen

Planting Trees

The kids loved planting trees with Daddy so much. 
We were actually surprised how much they loved it and wanted to help.
One of those "reaping" moments, that give you so much joy and satisfaction.