Monday, May 12, 2014

{devriend photography} DeMaster newborn girl

Silly Face

Just wanting to remember this before it disappears...


Celene Louisa, 6 years old

Were only about a month late here,
but it's still important to remember, isn't it?
Happy birthday to my biggest girl, Ceney!

She celebrated with a few birthday parties, each spread several weeks apart.
But hey, what's not to love about 3 parties, right?

We love you, sweet girl!
We love that you are responsible. 
You care for your things and know where they are.
You are neat and careful and want to do things correctly.
You are fun-loving and willing to try anything.
You choose healthy food and like to cook for our family.
You are a fabulous babysitter for your little brother and take great care of him.
Your prayers show a great understanding and depth of thought that we underestimate you.

Some of your best recent quotes:
"Our most important job is that we know God. But we don't know God yet, and it's your job (mom), to teach us!"

"God, please make sure our new baby comes out right. Right and cute, like Eli. Because we want a right and healthy baby."

Thank you, Celene, for the privilege of being your parents!

Her birthday meal choice, homemade waffles!!!

Fabric eggs with little animals and foods inside...something she's been begging for!

A new bike from Daddy!!!!!!!

Opening gifts at Aunt Gail's house

Celebrating with Sara and Lane

A super cool cake that Sydney made for her birthday party