Monday, December 26, 2016

Celene and Hannah's latest Tae Kwon Do Test

Celene graduated to High Green, in which she keeps her green belt but adds blue stripes to it.
Now she has to learn a new form and another kick before she graduates to her blue belt.
This will take another 6-12 months to learn.

Hannah graduated from High White to a Yellow belt.
She's very excited, especially because it took her a full year of hard work for that accomplishment!

Here's a short video of Celene performing a spinning hook kick to break  her board.

Family Photos

My mom (in the blue) with her mother and 2 siblings

Our Grams with all her grandchildren

Keeping Busy Inside

Miles really enjoys reading lately. He devours books at a very rapid pace, keeping us busy getting library books!
His current favorite book is his Christmas gift from Grandma though, a Calvin and Hobbs comic book!

Celene got a make-your-own-moccasins kit from Grandma for Christmas and promptly made them the next morning.
Aren't they cute?!

She did such a good job. And they fit her well.

Here's Celene figuring out how to play "Sweet Hour of Prayer" on the piano by ear.
The long hours in the house during winter allow for more time doing these things.

Miles doing some online school work (while Eli thinks he helps) and Theo falls asleep watching. :)

Enjoying Grandma and Grandpa's House

the kids spent a few days with Grandma and Grandpa during the holiday season

making Christmas cookies with Grandma

The boys snuggling with Uncle Josh and watching racing videos on his phone :)

All of the grand kids with Grandma and Grandpa together

Enjoying the Snow

Miles and Celene on the big snowmobile

Celene and Hannah on the big snowmobile and Eli on the small one

Hannah add gas

making sure all things are put together correctly

Hannah giving Theo a ride 

Eli and his big snowball

We took the kids to the big sled hill in Plymouth last Friday

Eli thinks sledding is great and yells "Yee-haw!!!" the whole way down! :)

Daddy pulling Theo up the hill

Theo coming down. He wasn't as thrilled but allowed a few rides before he refused any more rides. 

My entire family on their way up

4 kids coming down at once!

Eli wants to win!

a beautiful view from the top of the hill - it was snowing but it didn't show on the camera

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Just a Few Things

Some of Shawn's recent hunting views...

Eli carried this bag of Cheetos through the whole store so of course we let him buy it :)

Celebrating my birthday :)

Getting wintery decorations out

Saw while hunting

Hannah's first hunt!!

Enjoying the first snow this year

Eli fell asleep watching Celene do schoolwork

pretty sunset

I made this sweet little fabric wreath

pretty wreath mom gave me for my birthday :)

Theo sleeping on the kitchen chairs

bunny love

A few photos of my dad when he was little

Local recent vandalism

Celene baking Laura Ingalls Wilder's heart shaped cookies