Thursday, February 20, 2014

Real Tools

The broom is old news.
Now, Daddy's tools, that's real working-man stuff!!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Snow Friends

You would think with all this snow, and all these homeschooled kids,
that there would be families of snow people outside.
But this year, the weather hasn't warmed enough for the snow to be sticky.
Today, 40 degrees!! Whoop! Perfect for all kinds of snow fun!

making a snow castle

getting out the accessories kit Miles got for Christmas

this guy has the best curls right now

a proud little spectator

some loving care from big sister

the final result! and they built 3 more after I went in the house!

Sledding at Home

As you can see, we've had yet another terrific winter of plenty of snow!
Yes, that's the hill of snow nearly to the top of the pig barn, yet again.
The kids LOVE it, of course.
They fight over who gets to pull Eli, which is a bargain for me. :)

Homemade Play-dough

A couple curious questions "Mom, how are crayons made? How are markers made?" and...
"Mom, how do they make play-doh?" prompted us to find some You-tube videos and learn.

That lead to making our own play-dough and also some brain-training.

Did you know that dyslexic kids are re-trained by various methods...
one important one being shaping letters and numbers with play-dough?

The kids had a blast cooking up the dough and coloring it and kneading into shapes.
And little did they know, they were learning to make their letters correctly.

As you can see below, Miles still needs a little help with that "s", 
but it was too cute to correct for the picture, haha!