Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hannah Quotes

Hannah, after pointing at her bedroom curtains which were washed and hanging on the line:
 "Mom, did you wash my curtains because there was a crooked, eensy, weensy spider on them?"

Hannah: "Grams, what's wrong with your eye?!"
Grams: "What, what's wrong?"
Hannah: "There's a crack on it!"

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuckered Out

A little couch snooze feels so good when you've been out playing in puddles!


When Eli's most dear wish to get outside does not come true,
this is his favorite place to be.

Gotta Get Outside

Eli makes it his daily goal to get outside, at least once, for a little while.

If the big kids go out, 
he cries and squeals and bangs at the door until someone feels sorry enough to take him along.

On this day, Mommy bundled him up and put him outside on the porch until Celene could find his sled.

A certain friendly furball kept him company. 

 She wound around him, round and round, until there was no spot left on his snowsuit without cat fur.

And finally, his long-awaited ride. :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

{devriend photography} Adalyn, 1 year old

Hard to believe this little munchkin is 1 year old already!
And off on the go, she is!
Amazing, it feels like it's only weeks since we did her newborn pictures.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Eli Update

He is at the age where a sink bath is most necessary after nearly every meal. :)

He loves to scramble all the neatly placed shoes and boots in the mudroom.
The kids dread it because they know they will have to go back and clean it all up! 


The girls set up their farm and animals,
 and cut pieces of felt to make fields and gardens and ponds.
Quite creative!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

First Time Making Soap

Yes, soap. 
Really real soap bars!
I'm so excited!
A friend agreed to help me through the first process of my life.
It's a simple, old-fashioned recipe that likely my Grandma Kaat used herself nearly 70 years ago.
We used lye, water, and mixture of tallow (beef fat) and lard (pork fat) that I rendered myself.
A day later, a perfect cake of lovely, white, beautifully scented soap.
 Now it needs to cure for a month. I'll let you know how it works then!


Newest Fun

Why wait until you can do it yourself when Big Brother can do it for you?
And much, much faster, too!
This mama's heart drops into the tummy every time.

Ready? READY???

Sliding off the back? No problem.

Neck-snapping speed? The more, the better!

A Cute School Project

Celene made's a paper Eskimo with a dog sled and two paper dogs.
Then she attached the sled to the dogs with string loops.
Super cute!

Duck Drawing

Hannah presented me with this last week.
I couldn't quite believe my eyes...this is pretty amazing work for my little, flighty 3 year old.
I think she happened to see the shape while scribbling, and colored it accordingly.
Still, worth showing off on the blog. :)


My kids must be desperate for spring...well, who isn't this time of year?
First week of March almost in the bag, and still covered with fresh snow from last night.

Anyways, I caught them trying to ride their bikes and trikes on the ice-covered driveway.

They had to do this every trip back...I couldn't believe how many times they helped her! I was exhausted just watching them!

Hitting the Trails

Shawn's also been taking the kids trail-riding when the weather's a little warmer.

Eli's always happy to see them when they get home. :) 

Going to the Park

These girls and their imaginations! I love it!


 Eli loves it. 
Any form, all kinds, even prayers that have a "chanting sound", he bounces and beats and gets his little groove on. 
So you can imagine his joy when he finally became tall enough to reach and play the piano all by himself for the first time!

Snomobiling Around Home

Thanks to Uncle Ron's snowmobile, the kids have been enjoying rides with Daddy around the house lately.

The last of their snow family.

If you look carefully, you can see the snowmobile in the distance.