Monday, November 24, 2014

First Snow of 2014

I've been in denial, but it sure looks like it's here to stay until Spring.
For me, it seemed like Autumn didn't even happen this year!
But I suppose most of my Autumn was spent caring for a newborn...and it's been delightful.
The snow sure is so beautiful.
And the kids are beyond thrilled.

Here are a few shots from the living room window. Theo's not a huge fan of it yet. ;)

Kid Crafting

Oh yes, the kid crafts continue, even with a new babe in the house.

Grandma Sammy loved Celene's lampshade designs so much that she employed her to decorate two for the playroom at her new house! :)

Making a card to mail to Grams :)

Of course Eli has to make one too
Working together (sometimes) ;)

Eli Lately

Hello there friends and family!
Sorry to make you wait so long for another blog post.
Master Theo and "Da Boss" Eli keep my computer time to a limit.

Did I tell you that story? No? 

Ok, weelll then...
A few weeks ago, the internet service guys came to check out our equipment. 
One of the guys saw Eli and drawled, "Dat da Bahws?" (Spelled "boss".)
I don't really know how that man could tell...
certainly not by Eli's little shoulders, squared as square as they can go. 
Or by his pipes, loudly declaring his presence. 
And certainly not by those wide, dark eyes...
flashing a challenge to anyone who dare oppose his views.

Ah, my little Boss-man. What would I do without you?

These kittens bring such joy to his little heart. He just adores them!

And this would be "the guilty face." The next step is look into his little hands to see what he's getting into. (In this case, it's Carmex lip balm. And that shiny cheek? That's where the majority of the balm is.)

Miles thinks this little man's shenanigans are the FUNNIEST THING EVER. And so, he's been running for my camera every time Eli gets in trouble. So this photo credit goes to Miles.

Also photo credit to Miles...a closeup of the Carmex coating.

And this would be what the girls do with him if he allows it.

Getting a kick out of his dearly loved little brother.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


A precious new one has made his debut in our home 2 weeks ago.
His name is Theo Jacob.
His name is means "gift of God" and "God saves."
He bears the middle name of my Grandfather.
He was 9 pounds at birth and 20 inches long. 
His Daddy got the honors of delivering him since he came more quickly than the midwife arrived!
Everything went very well. He's healthy and strong and so very loved already.
"Bless the Lord, oh my soul..."

so small

sweet face