Thursday, December 14, 2017

Around Home this Week

As much fun as the snow is, we do find ourselves inside a bit more on the chilly winter evenings.

Miles' cat sneaks in the house on a daily basis and if she isn't immediately caught and booted back outside, you will find her snoozing on the couch.

My Christmas cactus is blooming right on schedule

Celene set up this photo...her hamster Hammie is gathering a reputation of biting her human handlers. Consequently she has earned herself several new nicknames, namely, Queen Nasty and Bloody Mary. Celene set this photo up hoping to show that Hammie is innocent of these claims.
Hammie latest nicknames, both earned due to her human biting endeavors.

As you can see, Theo is not afraid of Hammie and quite willing to take the risk of being bitten.
While we are on the subject of rodents, Miles trapped and killed this possum who was stealing our chicken eggs.

On chilly winter evenings, you can usually find Hannah and Celene crocheting in a cozy corner.

Celene crocheting a scarf for her friend Brooke

While the boys watch snowmobile videos on the iPad

And Theo, who can't quite keep up with everyone else, falls asleep somewhere.

More Snow!!

The kids couldn't wait to get on the big sledding hill in town!

all five on their way up!

Christmas with Family

We have several more to go, but we have one family Christmas gathering in under our belts.
Tis the season for happiness and joy!

Miles excited about a wood sword from Grandma

Zinnie guarding her gifts

Winslow and his Papa figuring out balloon blowing

Hannah adores her latest set of Calico Critters from Grandma

Eli is happy when Grandma gives him candy for Christmas

Miles enthralled with a kaleidoscope

Sully proud to give his Grandma and Auntie Mel gifts made with essential oils

First Snow!!!

The first snow of the year is always anticipated with much expectation!
The kids were so excited to finally get one of the snowmobiles running.
The others are still being worked on.
They also found the go-cart to be a lot of fun in shallow snow...lots of donuts!!

I love the influx of birds to my window feeders!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Birthday Fun

A dear friend in our church turned 50 and we celebrated with a surprise birthday party for him.
The kids enjoyed all the fun.

Hannah and Levi

Celene and Molly and Lynnae

Celene and Molly speeding

Miles playing basketball with the boys

Miles playing corn hole

Shawn and Ross playing ping pong

Family Fun Day at Final Option Studio

Kids and parents alike enjoyed Family Fun Day at the kids' martial arts school last week!

obstacle course included moving beams

ropes course

tight rope walking

air hockey game

Hannah has great balance!

Miles and Celene playing air hockey with their friends

Hannah on the rock climbing wall

getting into the rings

climbing parallel walls

moving monkey bars

bounce house

Miles doing the splits on the balance beam

target practice


mini tramp

double hammock swing

Eli and Theo trying target shooting

Eli on the rock wall

Eli managing the ropes course

Theo thought the tight rope was funny!

in this game the adults get to shoot the kids! with nerf darts of course

3 legged sack races


Daddy Miles going fast

Miles and Celene took 2nd place!

Eli thought it was hilarious!

big wheel races for the little folk

hopping sack races

frog jump races