Friday, July 29, 2016


That's what Eli calls him. :)

Boat Ride

On Tuesday, Shawn took off and work and we rode along with his parents on their boat
for a ride up the Wolf River!
It was a fun day of relaxing and enjoying the sunny weather,
swimming, tubing, and eating out at a dockside restaurant.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Exploring a New Beach

On the way home from cherry picking, we stopped over at a sweet little beach in Algoma.
It was hot and muggy, although the photos look dark and cloudy.
We enjoyed swimming in Lake Michigan and especially finding Petoskey stones!

and dinner outside at a fun little local diner

Cherry Picking

We zipped up to Door County to go cherry picking last Saturday!
We all had a lot of fun.
This week we are busy freezing cherries and making pies!

Around Home

celene showing theo a large grasshopper she caught

and we have two new pets that Celene and Hannah bought...bunnies!

named Thumper and Cocoa

a catapult Celene built

miles reading outside - makes a mama proud

celene baking "heart shaped cakes" from the Little House on the Prairie cookbook

Eli amazed us all with the proficiency in which he drives the go-cart

proud of himself and proud daddy too

Eli cooking meat for dinner

Summer Activity

So much has happened since I've posted last...sorry Grams and Marie and Dawn
and everyone else who stops in here each week!
I will try to catch up a bit today. :)

when Daddy is around...there is a serious slip-n-slide action happening

celene making soup when I was sick

kids in front of their school

fishing success at Grandpa and Grandma's house

we got to witness race cars up close and personal in Elkhart Lake last week

the kids spend alot of time in their sandbox

Eli and Theo helping to set up drying racks for the garlic crop

some garlic drying

a pretty panorama Shawn took last week of our yard

and one of our gardens and fields

shawn took a photo of me and theo at sunset

celene proud of her settler cabin and covered wagon kit she built