Thursday, April 21, 2016

Happy 33rd Birthday Hubby

We celebrated with outdoor dining at Dairy Queen!

Happening Last Few Days

Kids caught these little critters in the river by Grandma's house

Celene must have been wishing for McDonalds :)

Next few pictures....the warm afternoons have been lovely for sprinkler fun!!!

And we lost power early one morning which resulted in cooking our breakfast outside at 7am!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Newest Craft

Her latest craft is weaving...and she loves it!
She's made a few pretty things already. 

Happy 8th Birthday Celene!

Her only birthday request was to go to the we did just that!
It was a fun evening for everyone. :)
Happy birthday my sweet girl.
You light up our world.

the Sheboygan River is running fast!

so excited!

she found the step with her last name on honor of Shawn's grandparents

no height fears in our family :)

happy girl

spent some time at the playground too

I guess we've made our own birthday tradition along the the candles on your own cake is the most fun part of all!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Little Pet

Eli is so careful and gentle with Zippy the Hamster.
It's so cute.
He demands to hold Zippy all day long.
Poor Zippy doesn't get much sleep.

Fixing RC Trucks

Theo is very intently and carefully helping Daddy and Big Brother fix their RC trucks.
This is important work you know.

Meet Laurel

We adopted this pretty girl who needed a country home with lots of space!
She's made herself right at home here and seems to be very happy!
The kids love her.
She's filled the space Poppy left in their hearts.

She likes to lay on top the picnic table :)

Worn out after a morning of playing with the kids outside :)