Wednesday, January 30, 2013

{devriend photography} vintage

Here are just a few pictures to share with you today. 
They were taken "back when" the weather was fair and warm. 
We sure are looking forward to those long yellow days again!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Memories and Looking Forward

We hear it so often...time flies.

And so it does. Today I'm thinking of those precious days that once were. 
And all the golden ones yet to happen.

This is picture I haven't shared before. 
Hannah was just over a year old when I took it of her. 
She couldn't take her eyes off the passing flock of geese.
It's so sweet...can't you just see warm sunset colors, inhale the sweet scent of goldenrod, sniff the earthy hay and pine?

Although it's beautiful outside its -1 Fahrenheit temperature. 
But don't most of we northerners long (maybe just a little) for the those green and yellow evenings again?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

{devriend photography}

Some more lovely photographs for you today...
the setting sun made for the most beautifully bright light.
Isn't this couple pretty? I can't wait to share baby pictures with you soon! :)


{devriend photography}

These sweet kids were a joy to photograph...
and a challenge as the photoshoot needed to be inside due to the weather.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Story: A Source of Laughter

My kiddos were recently taking a tubby (bath), and Celene had just finished shampooing her hair. She carefully rinsed and this is what followed...

Celene:  "Mommy! It's time for the kitchen dinner!" 
Me:  "Hmmm?" (I'm busily cleaning the bathroom cabinet.)
Celene: "I need kitchen dinner."
Me:  "What Celene?"  (getting confused)
Me:  "You are hungry?"  (thinking this was a funny way to express her need but, you know, whatever..)
Celene:  "No mom,  kitchen dinner! For MY HAIR!"  (she feels the need to get louder if she's not understood.)

Meanwhile...Miles is totally dissolved in giggles nearly drowning himself in the other side of the tub...

I'm starting to laugh myself as he's trying to breathe, and Celene is wrinkling her nose and there's a dimple peeking from the side of her cheek.

Me: "Miles, do you know what she's saying?"
Miles: laughing so hard he can't talk
Me: "Celene, can you show me what you want?"

Just as she's pointing upward, Miles bursts out "She means CONDITIONER, mom!"

My side ached for an hour.

This girl.  She's a hoot and a half.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Favorite Pics of Us 2012...Post 3

Love the expression  ;)

Nothing but looks ladies...he's aallll mine.

Quite the job there...running the log splitter with friend Jeff

All smiles over their first "Thomas" cake

Morning chores with my trusty helper Celene

Coolest tats EVER

She woke up one summer morning, saw it was raining, and promptly put on her sandals and got her umbrella. I found her outside at 6:30am. Nothing's gonna slow this one down! :)

Now watchya up to lil stinker?

Summer time tea party at Ben and Jan's in Shawno. Doesn't every mother dream of this moment?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Favorite Pics of Us 2012...Post 2

Finally caught that elusive little "Flo-flo"
Mastering watercolor

Sweet sunshine girl

Always inquisitive

If she's not holding one of her chickens, she's babysitting them

First frog find of the year, with many more to follow