Friday, January 11, 2013

Story: A Source of Laughter

My kiddos were recently taking a tubby (bath), and Celene had just finished shampooing her hair. She carefully rinsed and this is what followed...

Celene:  "Mommy! It's time for the kitchen dinner!" 
Me:  "Hmmm?" (I'm busily cleaning the bathroom cabinet.)
Celene: "I need kitchen dinner."
Me:  "What Celene?"  (getting confused)
Me:  "You are hungry?"  (thinking this was a funny way to express her need but, you know, whatever..)
Celene:  "No mom,  kitchen dinner! For MY HAIR!"  (she feels the need to get louder if she's not understood.)

Meanwhile...Miles is totally dissolved in giggles nearly drowning himself in the other side of the tub...

I'm starting to laugh myself as he's trying to breathe, and Celene is wrinkling her nose and there's a dimple peeking from the side of her cheek.

Me: "Miles, do you know what she's saying?"
Miles: laughing so hard he can't talk
Me: "Celene, can you show me what you want?"

Just as she's pointing upward, Miles bursts out "She means CONDITIONER, mom!"

My side ached for an hour.

This girl.  She's a hoot and a half.

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