Monday, August 26, 2013

Middle Man

I'm so proud of him. 
My little Miles. 
My hard-worker-Miles.
I love him.

All on his own initiative, he went to the garden and picked a wagon-load of beans for me! 
It took him nearly 2 hours. 
I'm so proud of his willingness to work and help out. :) 
We have 23 quarts of extra beans preserved for the winter that we wouldn't have otherwise.

Thank you, son.

Friday, August 23, 2013

{devriend photography} De Vriend Family, in the rain...

And this is us...THE us...the big, happy, crazy family...determined to get a picture done,
even in the rain! So beautiful you all are...feeling so thankful to be called a part of you!

{devriend photography} my lil Charlotte

{devriend photography} Micah and Lucas, age 4

These sweet boys were a delight to photograph last month!
Beautiful inside and out, and so much fun!


Thursday, August 22, 2013

They have a way of doing that...

...growing up, that is.
This little man of mine is setting a fine pace.

3 months old, Eli!

I love you, little Sugar.

First smile captured on camera...he's always so interested in the camera he stops smiling. :) 2 months old here.

{devriend photography} Haley, high school senior

With her choice of the beach for her photoshoot, along with her lovely smile and the setting sun, 
it was a wonderful experience! Thank you, Haley!  :)