Thursday, March 19, 2015

Random Lately

Hannah tapes her artwork on the walls :)
A squid picture for Daddy :)
Found this little fuzzy face on the living room chair

Eli fell asleep one afternoon in the fort the kids built

First Wheeler Ride of the Year

Best. Big. Brother. In the world. :)

The Last of Winter 2015

One quick shot of Celene's snowman before he melted completely

Swimming Lessons

Just a few shots of this season's lessons at Plymouth High School.


She doesn't get much blog time, but she's quite an important part of our family.
Here I had to take a picture...she was actually sleeping with her toy in her mouth. Haha!

Eli Cuteness

 He's so often doing these funny little things...and so little do I have them captured on camera!
Here he's riding his little bike wearing beads and snow boots, but without his pants. :)

Last sled ride for the year

Making a magnet tower with Daddy

Fish Banner

The kids got the idea of painting tropical fish and making a "Welcome Home" banner
for Daddy when he came home from Spain. They had a library book to copy from.
Turned out pretty cute. :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Kind of obvious how he got that nickname.
How we adore our lil smiler!

Sully's Pool Party

Last Saturday, Sheila hosted a birthday party for Sully's friends and their parents at the
Sheboygan Falls high school pool.
Lots of fun!