Wednesday, October 31, 2012

{devriend photography}

This pretty lil Miss Muffet is 7 weeks old already, but I just had to share these newborn photos.
She is so sweet.

Okay, I guess it's going to be one photo because Blogger now wants to turn my horizontal photos into vertical photos.




Celene loves to decorate her cats.
She uses pipe cleaners to make a collar (not too tight, don't worry, I check) and hangs various embellishments from it.
This time it was Miles' flying helicopters from his Zoom-o flyer, and hairbows from her own stash.
Pretty, yes?  :)

And then she proceeded to tuck them into bed in my living room chair with blankets and pillows.  Shawn is mildly allergic to cats, so as soon as they were discovered by the "big bad mommy" they were whisked right out the door.

I'm sure they enjoyed their warm spa pampering experience while it lasted, don't you?

And, can anyone tell me why Blogger uploads some pictures horizontally when they are supposed to be vertical?  If you have an idea how to fix this, please let me know!

Monday, October 29, 2012

{devriend photography}

Mr. Gorgeous graced the front of my lens last week. ;)

Despite that it was a blustery 45 degree F day, he pulled off his poses without effort.

Thank you. :)

{for my memory}

Hannah's pronunciation of "motorcycle":

"meeko meeko"

Saturday, October 27, 2012

{devriend photography}

It was another delightful opportunity to photograph this family recently. 
What a great time with this gang of adventurers!
Not to mention all those matching baby blues....*melt*.



Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumpkin Farm

No school + Grandma's off work = Pumpkin Farm!

Is there a better way to celebrate Wisconsin autumn? As you can probably tell by our level of "bundledness", it didn't make it above the 40s today (that's Fahrenheit) but, we might as well start getting used to our typical winters, yes?

It was a delightfully fall sunny day. Crisp and clear and I don't think the sky gets any deeper blue than in October.

This particular farm was in Fondulac, and very cute. Thank you, Grandma, for the ride!

We came to the unanimous conclusion this chicken could in no way see where she was going.
Pet one goat while the other steals your marshmallow-coated-with-caramel-coated-with-m+ms.

This little one felt safer with mommy at the top of Hay Bale Mountain. :)

Excited to start the tractor ride! Thank you, Farmer-who-drove-the-tractor, for taking the photo!
Yummy m+m face. :)
Random trees throughout the tractor ride were decorated with ping pong ball faces. They kept the kids' eyes peeled ;P
 for the next face the entire ride. Tonight's nightmares will be blamed on Grandma who couldn't miss the opportunity to
 assure them "the trees are watching you" a deep, suspicious voice.  Ha!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

{devriend photography}

I was privileged to photograph these kids recently...wouldn't you agree it would be a treat to get behind the lens and take pictures of these 3?

Thinking this might have been my favorite shoot of 2012. Of course it always helps to have such beautiful subjects they do all the work for you...

The background couldn't have possibly been more magical...
Ankle deep leaves : Burning bush : Exquisite curls : Creamy baby skin : Dried out fence : What's not to love?

Thank you, sweet babies, for the opportunity.

Hello there!

Welcome to our blog!  Hmmmm, is there a certain way to start?  
Other than, we are glad you are here?  :)  
This is our little experiment and we are looking forward to see how it turns out.
Come along and taste a little flavor of our simple 
(or maybe not) life.  
And perhaps we shall enjoy a little of life's beauty together.
See you again soon!