Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumpkin Farm

No school + Grandma's off work = Pumpkin Farm!

Is there a better way to celebrate Wisconsin autumn? As you can probably tell by our level of "bundledness", it didn't make it above the 40s today (that's Fahrenheit) but, we might as well start getting used to our typical winters, yes?

It was a delightfully fall sunny day. Crisp and clear and I don't think the sky gets any deeper blue than in October.

This particular farm was in Fondulac, and very cute. Thank you, Grandma, for the ride!

We came to the unanimous conclusion this chicken could in no way see where she was going.
Pet one goat while the other steals your marshmallow-coated-with-caramel-coated-with-m+ms.

This little one felt safer with mommy at the top of Hay Bale Mountain. :)

Excited to start the tractor ride! Thank you, Farmer-who-drove-the-tractor, for taking the photo!
Yummy m+m face. :)
Random trees throughout the tractor ride were decorated with ping pong ball faces. They kept the kids' eyes peeled ;P
 for the next face the entire ride. Tonight's nightmares will be blamed on Grandma who couldn't miss the opportunity to
 assure them "the trees are watching you" a deep, suspicious voice.  Ha!

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