Monday, January 30, 2017

Miles Shooting

Miles enjoyed shooting this hand gun for the first time.

Grandpa's Trains

My dad had a small collection of various sized model train sets.
It was fun to get one running.

Eli Singing

You Are My Sunshine

A Few Recent Things

Eli and Theo got short hair cuts! The curls are gone, but they do look cute and neat anyways.

Sleeping off winter colds

Sheila made Eli a new little blanky and he likes it!

Shawn and the kids made a quick and effective drying rack for snow boots out of PVC pipe.
Just put it over a heat vent and we have nice dry boots!

Shawn brought home these little gems...lockers!!!
Wow, they have helped so much to keep the mud room organized!

A cute moment of the little boys learning something together

I finally learned how to NOT wash 100 cups per day. Why didn't I think of this sooner????

Caught Theo "baking bread" in my bread machine :)

The Snow Must be Enjoyed...

....while it's here!!!

Shawn and the kids  made  a particularly comical snow man this week!

They have been spending a lot of time outside riding their snowmobiles.
Some peace time for me...some great fun and energy release for them...and every body is happy.

Celene and Theo

Love it when the snow comes down thick and heavy! So pretty!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Hello dear ones!
This post is just a mish-mash of lately happenings...

Hannah playing dress-up

kids playing at the mall on afternoon

Hannah and the hamster

An unusual little napping nest for Theo

the kids keep filling up their Reading Lists!

A particularly busy morning at my Finch Restaurant

Celene learning to fly the RC helicopter

She did a good job!

Celene working on her puzzle

Hannah proud of her first embroidery project

The kids got to spend a day with friends and enjoyed themselves immensely

The sleeping on the friends' couch :)