Monday, June 19, 2017

The Last Few Days

....included enjoying Road America racing with friends,
watching a dramatic storm roll in,
a little train ride,
 and swimming in Lake Winnebago with more friends!

Eli and Theo mesmerized by the racing cars

a nice driver allowed the kids to take turns sitting in his race car

Shawn captured a dramatic storm on its way

kids loved a train ride at a park in Fond du Lac

swimming with friends in Lake Winnebago at sunset

Eli loves his backpack he got for his birthday!

Eli and Theo love running through the tall hay grasses

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Shawn's Family

So rarely do we all get together at the same time that Shawn's mom ran to get a neighbor to take a family photo!


Eli enjoying the rainfall and the kids setting up bike jumps. :)

Recent Videos

Shawn took these videos of the kids enjoying the rain last night.

Eli rides his bike without training wheels now! Celene took this video.

A funny video of Theo laughing at Miles.

Foot races between the Dads have become the latest entertainment at Shawn's parents' house!

Camping at the Marsh

Our family enjoyed a few days of camping at the Marsh last week.
It was perfect weather and we all had a great time together.

chopping wood for camping

Eli waiting for Daddy to come home so we can go camping!

camp site

Eli learned how to ride his bike without training wheels!

waiting their turn for a ride in the canoe

fishing success!

Theo wanted NOTHING to do with his fish

he did not like his fish at all

Hannah's proud


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Celene caught alot of fish

Miles got a lot of fish too

pretty colors

hike in the woods

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Kids View

I found these humorous photos on the kids phones this week.
It's fun seeing a kids-eye view.

the kids play "cops and robbers"...this would be Miles in jail ;)

Miles escaping jail

Hannah making a run for it

Celene photographs flowers

chasing our cow around the yard when she broke out of the fence

Celene's view of a kitty

sleeping in the tent

enjoying the hammock

bathing their stuffed animals out in the sunshine