Friday, January 4, 2013

Thank You Daddy

Last year Shawn happened to hear of an available Kitty Cat (a small, child-sized snowmobile) for a very good price. 
Typically these sleds (northerner-speak for "snowmobile") are quite expensive, that is, IF you happen to find one for sale. 
The demand is high and the supply is low. 
It didn't run, and he didn't know if it ever would, but being the fabulous daddy he is, he wanted to give it try for his kiddos.

Little did he know all it needed was a carburetor cleaning, a new spark plug, and fresh gas. He said it was the best deal he'd ever gotten. :)

The kids LOVE it. 
I love it because it gives my children an experience I found to be one of my own favorites as a child.

I know I've told you already, many times, but thank you, honey.
Thank you for the time spent fixing it in the cold, wet garage on those cold, wet nights.
Thank you for all the times you had to take it apart and put it back together, 
with two impatient kids knocking the hood shut on your hands and losing the lock washers in the dirt.
Thank you for running down the looooong driveway countless times to help them out of the too-deep snow or dragging it back to the garage every time it quit.

Thank you a hundred times again.

An ever watchful eye on her "babies"

Yes, he even has to snowblow a path for the little sled, we have too much snow!

Keeping daddy company

I love how she concentrates :)

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