Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Around Home Last 2 Weeks

Some variety around home lately....

A huge yellow swallow tail Celene spent all afternoon trying to catch

Eli proud of his super sized trailer :)

Eli figured out how to use the mixer

Theo proud of his MESS

my little painter

Eli sporting a native inspired headband made by Celene

The next few shots show the kids enjoying a 2nd degree black belt testing for one of their teachers. 

Hannah's high front kick

Miles doing a high round house kick

Celene is always so careful and perfect with her kicks

Their teacher Jeanette attempting to break 2 bricks with her hand

all busy making a huge train track

Hannah loves to catch and release all manner of caterpillars

Theo crashed on the dining room floor

celenes caterpillar and cocoon creation

great adventure when Shawn trapped 2 raccoons who have been stealing our sweet corn

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