Wednesday, October 9, 2013

7 Times Around the Sun

Happy 7th Birthday my dear son!
Love you so very much!

started the big day with his fave raisin toast
priceless reaction to getting a rocket from daddy

getting the rocket set up

trigger happy  ;)

first launch - a success!

and coming back down to earth

next...a big race at Road America...big surprise for our big boy

happy family


captured love

so many race cars = SO EXCITING

baby train

way too exciting!

sean's photo bomb

and a party at Sheila's that night!

the following week - a family party at El Caminos

uncle jen made a cupcake tower

all the fall birthday people - typical family shot - haha!



and then...the day of all days...he'd been waiting all year...for his bowling party!!

can't believe i got the RC truck I wanted!!  squeeeee!!

the favorites - uncle josh and alyssa

uncle jenny and uncle jason  ;)
what's a party without baby adalyn?




another photo bomb, spence

sugah sweet

lotsa races with christian

boys got game

*heart squeeze*


Happy birthday Miles! What a birthday marathon you enjoyed this year! 
You are one special, oh-so-loved little boy. 
Not mention...Lucky. 

And the quote to remember:
Before his special party, he'd been talking about it for days (weeks, months), detailing who was invited and who, well, wasn't.
As a joke, Daddy asked "So am I invited Miles?"
Miles: "Well I guess you can come since your brothers are gonna be there."

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