Monday, September 29, 2014

Rainy Day Project

Lately the weather has been AMAZING.
The kids spend most of the long days outside. 
There sure is plenty to do out there!

Last week there was a rainy morning though. 
They were ready for a little busy work to keep them occupied.

No, I don't make them work ALL THE TIME.
I promise.


We went out in the rain and picked a few different style leaves from the trees. They we traced them on colored foam sheets and the kids cut them out.

Next, they glued on pieces of felt that they cut, and also sequins, buttons, and beads...whatever their creativity called for.

Celene put "polka-dots" on hers also

Happy Hannah! She did a really great job.

Lastly, we hung them in the doorways around the house. They look really pretty!

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