Wednesday, January 7, 2015

End of 2014 - Phone Pictures

I'm sorry it's been, again, so long since I've popped in here.
However, we are still around, believe it or not! 
Baby illness, holiday fun, and a much-needed momma keep my time here limited. (Ok, nil.)
But, I'll keep trying. I promise you that. ;)

This is just an iphone dump for your entertainment and my memory.
I haven't been using my regular camera very much....

wreath made by my cousin Kristel

also made by Kristel, on the outside door


stairs are boring. lets climb the piano instead. big sister is nervous.

a cute selfie on my phone ;)

these days are nearly over *sob*

skating with gramma!
skating with cherith and auntie sheila

and friend Laurie too!

celene's art

when the baby falls asleep in your arms *tugs the heart strings*

celebrating mommy's birthday with candles in the grilled cheese sandwich ;)

giving mama presents

baby love

lollies from gramma!!!!!!

celene's seahorse is awesome (church art) ;)

the early mornings are so worth this

my little artist

baby needs camo too!

bowling with gramma and sully

bounce house fun with gramma

all worn out from an afternoon with gramma at the bouncy house

kitty adopted daddy

both babies asleep on the couch *love*

little chunk

....these moments...

wrote her alphabet all by herself - first time!!!

brain teaser from friend Caleb - conquered!!!

science class with daddy - magnets made a car go!

and this guy - he will build anything! lol

such a ham


  1. Beautiful pictures. Can't wait to see you in person on Friday. :)


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