Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Phone Pictures Lately

Relaxing at sunset

Girls making something pretty

Once last swing ride before bed :)

a sweet moment

he's mad because I took away the powder bottle

Theo's goal each play with night light on the kitchen counter

summer rain showers :)

helping put away dishes :)

watching the rain come down

time to find some music!

let's play!

Sleeping in the stroller on our morning walk

playing in the sandbox at Elkhart Lake park

kids made a fort that completely covered the playroom

forts are fun!

pasteurizing milk

measuring the temp

sleeping on mommy outside

Miles helps put Theo to sleep so often! It's wonderful!

In the next few Dad pays the kids to pick garlic scapes. The get $0.1 per scape.
After the day's picking, they count up their scapes. It's all very exciting! :)

homeschool math class

as you can see, she has a lot of counting to do!

Celene's toads

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