Friday, August 28, 2015

Little Moments

a particularly neat chalk drawing for Hannah

Miles reading a story to Hannah

the kids loved when their favorite Canadian friends came for a visit

Celene took Theo in the pool :)

he loves his baths!

put them in a pile of sand and they are all happy

Miles building "Mount Ararat" (his words)

Theo climbing the jungle gym

Celene caught a huge yellow swallowtail

Celene and her cousin Charlotte paddle boarding for the first time!

she did awesome!

"I made it back to shore Mom!"

Eli and his cousin Addy playing in the sand

Eli loves Grandpa's corn-on-the-cob!

This is how Theo sits in his high-chair
Celene's handful of hail she gathered during a summer storm two weeks ago

Miles' hail

he's always so cheerful when he wakes up. such a gift!

shawn took this shot of colorful clouds over our house

finally got a batch of pickles that actually taste good and aren't mush! yay!

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