Wednesday, September 23, 2015

U.P. Vacation Pictures!

Here they are!
We sure had a fabulous time in the UP last week.
The weather was amazing and the kids had a blast going on adventures and treasure hunting.

Potawatomie Gorge Falls, Black River Harbor Beach, and Copper Peak

hike to Potawatomie and Gorge Falls

Theo taking a car nap while the kids and Daddy hiked

bike ride

off-roading :)

Daddy and Eli "hiding"

back in the van to head for the beach!

Miles giving his metal detector a try-out

Hannah posing on the bridge at Black River Harbor

Arrived at Black River Harbor beach!

soooooo many stones!!!!

Hannah's first day collection

the colors were amazing!

stones in the water as far as you can wade

Hannah making a stone tower and pretending the "cloud" was "raining" :)

Theo's toys

we enjoyed the company of this little gopher

He was a friendly little guy and Theo was captivated :)
Celene resting and rock hunting
Later that day we visited a local ski-jumping place that gives rides

on their way up!

It was called Copper Peak

View from the top

3 adventurers on top of the ski jump

on top of the ski jump tower

it was windy up there!

view from the ski lift

getting ready to debark 

Little Girls Point, Stormy Kromer Mercantile, and Joe's Pasty Shop

Little Girl's Point was also loaded with stones! It was the kids' favorite spot of the vacation. They asked to return again and again.

Eli was captivated by a digger across the bay that was moving stones and sand :)

toes in the stones
Little Girls Point was beautiful

about to go in and enjoy some of Joe's Pasties!

so yummy! Pasties are a Scandinavian staple including meat, potatoes, and carrots baked in a pie crust.

Hannah loved her pasty

swimming at the hotel before bedtime :)

Porcupine Mountains Wilderness

a tree carving we saw on the way
biking in the Porcupines...posing by the Porcupine sign :)

Mommy and Theo going down the steps to the beach

Presque Isle Park Beach was stunning!

give a boy rocks and water and he's happy all day!

happy baby
Hannah and Eli found a little waterfall to play in

Hannah's sculpture

busily hunting agates

making stone towers

building big ones!

take a picture mom!

look how high we climbed!

Daddy and Theo on their way back up the's a lot steeper than the photo shows

Eli climbing lots of stairs :)

After the beach we hit the trails to look for waterfalls

Theo fell asleep on Daddy's head :)

Eli's curls on the trail :)
we hiked a long and steep distance to see this waterfall...but it was worth it!

a cute moment at the end of the day
Thumper helping Daddy get ready to leave Saturday morning :)


  1. Beautiful Pictures! You are all soooooooo cute!!!!!!!! Love you All
    Aunt Lo

  2. These are amazing pictures! Loved the family one best. You went to some really neat places, I should take notes. :)


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