Saturday, December 19, 2015


A little over two weeks ago, 
I experienced the Lord's caring Hand as He held my life through a terrible car crash.
As the next two weeks unfolded, 
His gracious care has been showered upon us in the gifts, cards, notes, meals, phone calls,
help, and care.
There aren't words to describe all the love shown. 
It's nothing less than utterly amazing.
And to all those people who cared for and loved my little ones through this,
cleaned my house, cooked amazing and elaborate meals,
scrubbed my floors, rocked my baby to sleep over and over again,
and so generously gave money and gifts and paid for bills....
thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you, a thousand times.
May God richly bless you, as much as He's blessed me.
Through you.

day after accident

theo shopping with daddy

eli and I with our favorite get well card :)

copies of a meditaton sent by church friends which gave much glory in God

Grams and Theo enjoying a book together

a sweet card from my sis...Celene and I enjoyed coloring it together

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