Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Finally, An Update!

Goodness, it's been a while.
Sickness and healing, ups and downs. It's all part of life, isn't it?

However, whether I have time or energy for the computer, doesn't stop the kids from all their activity!

two happy faces

a sad Bunny with a fever snuggling with Mommy

These next few photos are of Miles and Celene making pancakes...completely on their own...
for the first time! 
They did great reading the recipe and mixing and baking.
And the pancakes were delicious!
It sure is nice to have kids old enough to cook and bake!

reading the recipe - I wrote it out for them in their notebook so it was easier to understand

Hannah approves :)

the latest snow activity...pull their smaller siblings all around the yard on sleds

And these next few shots  are of Celene and Theo...
she thinks it the greatest thing to put Theo in the wrap and carry him all over the house.
Of course, he entirely agrees. :)

reading books togther

and this would be Theo...sleeping soundly on the floor of our chiropractor's office

I'm not sure what I did to them...but Eli is also sleeping in the chiropractor's chair, that same day!

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