Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Last Week Stuff

kids got to spend a fun morning at the bounce house with their MI cousins :)

this is how Miles and Celene put Theo to sleep..singing Rock-A-By-Baby...

...and...out cold.

caught my little Bunny building with fridge things

proud of his tower

I had to capture his joy Sunday morning...tasting cream puffs for the first time! haha

celene proud of her snap circuit success...getting a plane propeller spinning!

we enjoyed a fun family afternoon hiking and climbing at the Parnell Tower park. we are so blessed to have so many friends!

theo didn't approve of the group photo but was happy to pose on the log by himself :)

all of the kiddos playing happily in one spot

miles making rhubarb cake

it turned out delicious!

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