Monday, November 26, 2012

Being Thankful

Goodness, I've been away too long!  Happy Thanksgiving friends! 
We hope you enjoyed a good day/weekend with the special people in your life.

We enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving holiday with our own generous sprinkling of family and friends. A morning church service, a delicious dinner with family, and the togetherness of working with family and friends hauling wood for the winter rounded out our day. We are so thankful for the strong backs and willing hearts who have helped us with putting up wood for this winter's warmth. Black Friday and Saturday were put to good work, and we are nearly finished with Hannah's room. Her room needed a partial new wall and insulation in two walls, which will make it nice and cozy for her this winter. I'm so thankful for my dear hubby who has tirelessly worked on that project for many weeks. 

Also, being thankful can hardly encompass the depth of feeling for you all who remembered to wish me a happy birthday! It was overwhelming, the sheer number of family and friends who thought of me...thank you all so very much. To realize, just how many delightful humans the good Lord has blessed me with. I love you all.

Unfortunately, I didn't even think to bring my camera along for these events...and have to be content with the fact that some of life's most special moments go undocumented. 

A special congratulations to all of you who successfully hunted and harvested deer these past two weeks - good for you! And yay for the full bellies of your children and family this coming winter!

I'd love to share a couple photoshoots that I've been working on these past few weeks, but I will refrain from spilling the beans of my cherished clients, and let them be the first to share their family's pictures this holiday season.  I'm sorry friends, but you'll have to wait. ;)

Thus, I will leave you with a few recent favorites.
Enjoy this day the Lord has made.
And don't rack up too much debt this Cyber Monday.  ;)

The best seat in a chilly house...a basket of warm laundry fresh from the dryer.
Yes, they really do hug their chickens. Meet "Flo", getting the special attention this time.
"Ne-ne Buk" (yes, that's the hen's name) is a bantam size and has a gentle personality, perfect for little hands to love.
And my own hubby tramping off to try harvesting a deer for our own freezer.

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