Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Feeling so grateful today...

1) For this lovely, quiet, misty morning offering a perfect opportunity to harvest the last of the garden's root vegetables.

2) My strong, willing, and helpful husband and son who did the majority of the harvesting 2 months ago.

3) The break from the rain but also the previous rain that made the garden dirt easy to dig today.

4) The energy to do the work, and the peace attained by working my body.

5) The gentle clucks of the hens who kept me company, scratching for the treats I dug up.

6) This delicious food that will fill our tummies and keep us healthy.

7) The precious blessings of our dear Savior who sustains and guides us, even when we don't deserve it. 

8) Homegrown carrots, sweet potatoes, and yellow and red potatoes
9) This beautiful girl and her cats

10) The fun this pet brings...always bringing a stick for a quick romp

11) Autumn Joy - need I say more?

12) Fireweed - lovely

13) Splashing in puddles

14) Fuzzy, fluffy snuggles

15) This cute pork face
16) This oh-so-pretty pair

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