Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Miles has been blessed with a good share of faith.

He prayed for months for a little brother, and now that I'm expecting a new little sugar, he's positive it's a boy. :) 
In fact, he's so sure, the rest of us will be just as surprised if the little bun was created a girl.

Two days ago, he said at the end of his evening prayer "...and God, please bring my bunny back. Amen."
And, are you ready for this? Yesterday, Celene and Sulli went to the barn to play, and guess what they found? 
Chocolate, Miles' rabbit, placidly munching on some spilled corn in one of the unused stalls.

This might not sound like an amazing story, until you realize that Chocolate escaped his pen last September and hasn't been caught since.
He's been enjoying some delicious freedom, making a cozy home under the pine trees in the yard, and emerging in the early morning and late evening hours for some grass.  
Frankly, we thought it a miracle he even survived this cold, snowy, windy winter with little food or water, and undoubted predator threats.

But here he is, in the barn, the proof that God answers even a little boy's prayer.

Miles and Chocolate early spring last year

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