Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lots of snow

The sheer amount of snow that fell last night completely took me by surprise today.

Yeah, the weather forecasters had been warning us about another snowstorm, 
but they kept saying "4-6 inches", and honestly, snow warnings don't have as much effect on us at the end of February as they do in November, do they?

Another snowbound day, another day off school, and for Shawn, the first day this year completely unable to dig out and get to work 
(the snowplows didn't make it down our road until lunchtime.) 

Anyways, inches turned into feet, and the "warmer" weather gave us a fun day outside today.  :)

Even the undrifted snow was higher than the snowblower    

From the driveway you can only see the roof of the pig barn

She's actually standing behind a drift in the driveway :)

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