Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Celene!

I can hardly believe my little girl has been 5 times around the sun!

Wow, has time flew by. 
As always, for me anyways, when one of my children celebrates another birthday,
I can't help but reflect on their lives. 
How much can I remember?
How (so very) much did I forget?

This one, especially, lives life to her own tune. 
She is strong-willed, determined, responsible, and self-motivated.
She's the one that starts and directs the imaginative games that all of the kids play.
She isn't very feminine...she's physically strong and still figuring out how to control herself so to not bully her way through life. :)
She's very artistic...coloring, cutting, painting, crafts, and all manner of original artistic ideas come easily to her.
She also loves animals. She seems to have a special communication with them...including her pet cats and chickens. 
She saves all bugs that find their way into our house...including box-elder bugs and ladybugs...and puts them into a jar with holes poked in the top. 
She faithfully serves them cereal and leaves and puts them in a windowsill, where they promptly bake in the sun.  ;)
She finds endless frogs and toads and carries them around all day. 
She would happily bring them into bed with her at night if Mama let her.
She loves the swings and sand and beaches. 
She loves pretty, bright-colored clothes, and is very careful that they "match." 
She loves sparkles and lights and bubbles and chalk. 
She loves picnics and bonfires and fishing with Daddy. 
She loves camping and visiting her cousins and playing with Sulli. 
Her favorite person in the whole world is Miles.

Happy Birthday my big girl! We love you so much!

We had fun making her birthday banner with fabric scraps, glue, and twine.

She enjoyed a party with her favorite peeps...Miles, Hannah, Erin, Alyssa, and Mitchell. :)

Receiving her favorite gifts...tackle box, fishing tackle, and fishing rod, while sitting in her new camp chair.  :)

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