Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy!

It's been a spring of birthdays at our house!

Yesterday, our dear hubby and daddy turned the big 30. :)
He enjoyed a simple, but he what he proclaimed a "delightful", birthday celebration.

Thank you, honey, for being such a fabulous husband and daddy.
You are a faithful provider, an exciting teacher, and endlessly patient "jungle gym."
We are so grateful you know how fix or make anything
and are willing to keep fixing and fixing, so that we can have fun and learn.
Thank you for your energy and creativity, your patience, and your affection...
we love you so much!
Happy 30th birthday!!

Saturday night he partied with his kiddos and pets :)

A new tie chain

Serving Daddy a fancy breakfast with candles in the toast :)

He said it was better than cake any day  :)

The kids gave him a monkey birthday card and he teased them that it was them on the card... Miles served him a banana with candles.  ;)

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