Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Around Home

Just a few pictures from the past week.

Did you know a dragonfly flies 30mph? My kids taught me that. :)

This is, apparently, a "chicken face."

Starting school books :)

Child-led schooling

Daily job

Rich, nutritious soups for the freezer

We have a flock that ranges the yard. Their egg yolks are seriously orange. And so delicious.

My first shot at canning peaches! They turned out great! The kids did all the peeling and slicing. Love them.
Starting a new kombucha mushrrom
My first try at water kefir! Thanks, Marie, for the inspiration!
Celene made refrigerator pickles. They have more other kinds of veggies than pickles, actually. And they are delicious.
Yummy goodness on the counter

This is a daily scene. It must be the year for grasshoppers. They are everywhere!

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