Monday, August 18, 2014

Home, Sweet, Sweet Home

Yeah, I know, we've actually been home a few weeks already!
But we literally hit the ground running, trying to make up for a summer of missed projects.
With the expected birth of Baby #5 in Oct., the pressure to clean and fix things is even greater.
And so, not much time on this blog, sorry to say.
We've sure been blessed to be able to see and/or talk with most of you since we've been home,
which is a wonderful blessing.

The night we got home, the kids literally wandered around the house, touching things, commenting, and re-homing themselves, I guess. 
It was really cute to watch.
I don't think anyone was in bed before 11pm.

Since then, a whole plethora of things have been going on:

Visiting and hosting friends and family
Organizing, decorating, and finally moving in to our dining room! (that reminds me to share pictures)
Emptying every kitchen cabinet and washing them
Going through everyone's drawers and closets and slimming down the stash
Filling the freezers with soups and the shelves with canned foods
Installation of a new back door
Pulling weeds, landscaping, and spreading stones
The remodeling of the 4th upstairs room
And many others as well!

We are so thankful for our hard-working and cheerfully helpful kiddos.


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