Thursday, October 16, 2014

A New Lampshade

Grandma passed us sturdy old lamp last week, 
after declaring our living room had insufficient lighting for family parties.

(She is right, of course. 
It IS nice to have plenty of living room lighting during those long winter months, especially.
When so much time is spent there.)

The lamp itself is heavy, sturdy, and well-made. All things necessary in this house of Wiggles.

The lampshade, though, well, was not something to be desired.

So, armed with a vague idea from Daddy, we dove into the fabric scrap basket.

Celene did a fabulous job turning that lampshade into a work of art.
It brightens the whole room and brings a smile to everyone's face.
Love my little artsy girl. :)

Hannah and I cut fabric strips of all different patterns and colors

Celene hot-glued them all around the lampshade

She was excited to install the finished project ;)

tighten it up

it makes us smile for sure! :)


  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I never cease to be amazed as to the creativity in your family! I was a bit hesitant to drop that sad lookin' lamp off by you (you were gone, so I stuck it on top of your piano..) and thought for sure I'd see it in St. Vinnie's sometime soon! IT IS DARLING! Good job, Celene & Hannah!! Hugs from Gma:)

  2. Such a important job for Celene. It's so nicely done and will do a good job keeping the living room cheerful this long winter.


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