Monday, October 6, 2014

Oodles of Critters

It's been a really good year for critter catching!

The high-than-normal levels of rain made for more grass mowing and way too many mosquitoes,
but the ease of catching a plethora of other insects and critters balances the negatives.

The kids have been busy out in the fields most afternoons.

We've turned this into a fun educational opportunity which has made for some amazing results.

I take pictures of the various critters with their captor, print them wallet-sized, and glue them on a poster board. 
We research and list their names, stages, how they hibernate, what they eat, etc.
It's been absolutely amazing to hear what the kids remember.

This will be an American Dagger Moth when it comes from the cocoon in the spring

One afternoon a flock of migrating monarchs stopped for a snack in our alfalfa field. The kids caught 17 in about 20 minutes time.

She adds red clover blossoms to keep them "from getting thirsty" while in captivity

I love pictures like this. A tangle of all of my kids' arms and legs as they explore and absorb life together!

Common Sulfur Butterfly

They also catch tree frogs in the sump pump hole in the basement several nights a week.

This will be a Garden Tiger Moth in the spring when it hatches from the cocoon.

The tree frogs are the kids' favorite with their funny sticky feet. This one is called a Gray Tree Frog.

This is a Western Boreal Toad we believe. It's hard to tell because there are so many different kinds of toads that look alike.


  1. Except for the toads, M&M were totally excited about the bugs and butterflies you guys caught. Good work! And fun learning. :)

    1. Aw! Maybe they will spend tomorrow afternoon critter catching! ;)


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