Wednesday, February 25, 2015

iPhone Dump

Here's a nice variety for you, Grams.
Pictures from my phone over the past month.
(Sorry if some are repeats!)

Eli napping on the hard floor

3 months old! Such a cheerful baby!

First date after baby!

Weaving with looms from Gramma Sammy

 Proud of his first weaving attempt :) 

Poppy babysitting Eli outside :)

Found Eli "reading" with Celene's boots on :)

Celene made a swimming pool with modeling clay

Theo likes watching Miles build a marble tower

The kids spend time working on their online schooling each day

Racing down the driveway on a snowy morning. Hannah in the sled, Eli in the stroller.

Building again! This time, soda cans. :)

Action shot from Miles.

Sleepy baby

I'm working on a quiet book for the kids. Here's the first little chick I finished. :)

Celene made a fleece knot blanket for her bed.

Grinding flour for baking bread.

Kneading bread dough with the mixer.

Happy baby helping mommy work.

Sleeping on mommy

The girls made a "pool fort" in the living room and took Theo in with them. :)

Working on magnet creations together :)

First time in the exersaucer

I'm so big mommy!

Uncle Josh bought a new race car! And picked up the kids!

The kids got to go to Tae Kwon Do class in this!!!
Theo loves ribbons :)


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