Monday, February 23, 2015


...what she said...

Hannah: "When Eli helps with the house chores he thinks he's just as big as a human!" 
(She meant "adult.")  :)

Last Saturday, Shawn took Hannah on some errands in the afternoon. She wanted to wear a simple fleece sweatshirt over her dress instead of a coat, and it was only in the single digits outside. But it was sunny and not windy, so we said that was fine, figuring it was only a quick trip between the store and truck anyways. All excited to go in the truck with Daddy, she ran to get in her booster seat. She had to wait a few minutes in the truck while Shawn finished loading up the trash for the dump. Shawn said he could see that she was cold. After a minute, she came back out of the truck saying, "Daddy! You and mommy were wrong! This is NOT a warm sweater!"

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