Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Some Little Things Lately

I really do need to get back in the groove of taking more photos of the kids and what they do all day.
But at least here are a few for you, Grams. :)

My kids sat like that for no less than 3 hours last Saturday, watching an intense Black Belt testing for a 43 year old woman at their martial arts school. It was amazing! And I was amazed at how long my kids can stay in one place.

We've had some mild sickies go through our house off and on the past week...here's Theo crashed on the couch.

Theo was resting on the same couch as Hannah...he must have been tired if he fell asleep with all her wiggles!

And now today, he fell asleep while Celene was reading books to him. :) Miles was helping to sound out the harder words. :)  Love these moments.

She loves him :)

Celene and Eli making waffles (I love these kitchen helpers!)

And here is Miles making cookies to give to Grams for her birthday gift

Exciting news...here's Celene setting up an incubator to trying hatching eggs!

They are labeled with their breed. Celene and Hannah are super excited to see if they hatch.
It is a fun and intimate way for the kids to experience the hatching process.
Our broody hen decided to change her mind, and not set on her eggs, so hence the incubator experiment.

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