Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Variety Past 4 Days

Hannah excited about losing her second tooth!

Eli helping to put away the freshly washed dishes...you can see he's using a potholder because they are so hot!

this is how Celene put Theo down his nap...dragging him all around the floor with a towel under his head to cushion the bumps :)

miles made daddy an extra large cookie which he enjoyed at work and sent a picture :)


Thought we would try to get one last day of sledding before the snow melts!


i dragged Theo around in a sled

celene and eli flying down the hill!

his big grin as he passed me!

miles getting some air


miles and stopped to watch the waves crashing over the pier in sheboygan last week...it was amazing!

proud of their batter....not quite sure what this mix is!

Hannah delighted with her first "by herself" snap circuit success! turning on a light with battery power!

miles practicing shooting his new youth-sized 22 rifle

the girls were making this fort last week, and I overheard Hannah say, "Let's make 3 doors. One opens to Spring, one opens to Summer, and the other opens to Rainbows!" Love her creativity and imagination!

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