Thursday, August 31, 2017

August Activity

Eli and Theo helped Daddy pull up the old bathroom floor and put in a new one 

that is how tilling gets done around here

how many kids can you squeeze into one bucket?

setting up the first market booth for this season

Lake Michigan at sunset

a bumper crop of super sized garden spiders this year

Eli and Theo bravely chasing down a cricket that got in the house

Lake Michigan beauty

the kids rescued their cat who was sadly trapped in a coon one night ;)

Celene on a bike ride with Gramma

showing off her new prairie bonnet

Eli loves to build and tend his own little fire in the driveway

Hannah is learning how to sew a bag

Theo loves the hammock

Miles' meat chickens are growing nicely on pasture

Eli loves Celene's hamster

Celene's monarch caterpillar

Celene adopted another hamster named Hammy. She's a baby female and Celene has high aspirations to breed her with her other male hamster, Squeaky. We shall see!

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