Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Month of July

Hello there!
Nearly a month has gone by since I've last posted on this old blog.
And so very much has happened in that month's time.
I suppose that is one of the nice things of this blog.
It is a reminder of a life filled to the fullest with the richest blessings.

Recent sunset
Shawn and a friend had a nice afternoon fishing on Lake Michigan

Enjoying some time on the shore

We love to watch the pelicans
Shawn making pizza on the grill - yum!

Boys captivated by some local street construction

Theo loves to help pound cabbage into sauerkraut

We might have some to share if he doesn't eat it all first!

Eli being silly with some goggles
Hannah waited over a year to finally welcome her dream doll home!

She's thrilled!

The kids set up a home-made slip and slide to cope with some hot summer days!

Our Pastor took his kids and ours swimming at the local public pool for an afternoon!

Miles being silly

Hannah found a beautiful moth!

It opened its wings and showed more color when Miles held it

Miles and Celene were invited to their friend David's birthday party

His mom sent some photos of the fun evening :)

The friends together
While the big kids were gone, I took the little ones to Elkhart Lake to swim. They are pretending to be sea turtles. :)

Hannah is my champion bean picker!!! 
And Theo loves to eat them!

Shawn's dream finally becoming reality....a tractor!!!!

This has already made the farm work so much easier, quicker, and more efficient. We're so grateful!

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